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Ever Since I started work on about a year ago, I have been on the lookout for other web pages and blogs covering the sport of mountain biking. I can’t help but look at what other people are doing on the web, and how they are doing it, if only for the hope I might learn something to better my craft. A couple months ago, I came across a blog called by following links to sites that referred some traffic over to mine. (In a way, this is my attempt at returning the favour!). At the time of my visit, it appeared that the creator of SingletrackGeek was starting a new website named 

After clicking the link over to TMBL, I proceeded to click through the list of authors’ about pages. Rivers Mitchell was the author of the posts I read on, and so his about page was the first one I checked out on this new page. To put it simply, the honesty and openness in his bio won me over and I instantly knew I would be coming back to check this site out regularly while takes off and grows.

Here is a quote I liked from River’s bio:

I started The Mountain Bike Life because I am lazy. After running a blog on my own for a few years with moderate success I was having a hard time coming up with original content all on my own…so I thought, what if I get a few other like minded passionate mountain bikers to work with and we can make a super awesome blog, with all original content, honest reviews and have new content every day? This dream sat in my head for years, till I finally got out of my head, got off my ass and got it started. And here you are now, I hope you enjoy what we have put together.

He calls himself lazy, but from the amount of planning that is apparent in the creation of The Mountain Bike Life, I don’t believe he is!

It wasn’t very long ago that I was a beginner, (still am, to be honest!) starting up a blog of my own. has been a huge learning experience, having started it with little or no planning and absolutely no clue about how websites and the Internet work. I can totally relate with Rivers’ feelings about how difficult it is to come up with content on your own, but it isn’t about being lazy. It simply takes a lot of time, which many of us don’t really have amid the obligations of work, family, friends and, of course, mountain biking! To set aside the hours it takes to write an even half-decent post is not always easy.

The Mountain Bike Life went live today with nine quality posts already on its homepage, (the equivalent of three months work for myself on this site!) At present TMBL boasts a writer base of ten authors, which should be able to supply readers tons of interesting new reading on a regular basis.

I would like to encourage readers to hop on over and explore the good work being put in by the folks over at and show them your support for their addition to the mountain bike web community. I know I will often.

Nice work so far TMBL, keep the good stuff coming!



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  1. Thank you for the writeup, we have really enjoyed starting this new blog and can not wait to see where it goes. I found your blog the same way, going through referral links, lol. Maybe we can look at doing a guest post on each other blogs, fire me off an email if you are interested.

  2. I like it! But where I go biking, I don’t have any cell cerovage, so I’ll still have to fly you to the US to get mtbtips on the trail Unless I can save or cache it to my phone. The blog I have listed is one I made to collect trail maps that I have rode/want to ride. So far it is only trails in the SE US, so if you have any Australian mountain bike maps or gps tracks, send them my way. (If you are ever in the states, look me up and we’ll go ride!)

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