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Rogue hoe makes a tool much like a macleod, but much stronger and sharper While searching on the web yesterday for pictures of trail building tools, I came across a unique looking tool with the name “Rogue” stamped on the head.  The tool was similar to your standard Macleod, but had a heavier, sharper, stronger looking hoe and tines.  A quick Google search brought up the web site for their company, Rogue Hoe.

Rogue Hoe is a family owned business located in the Missouri Ozarks, and they make these tools from recycled agricultural disc blades, which they claim are a high grade tempered steel, well suited for strength and holding an edge.  The tools are 100% made in the USA

Many of their tools look like they would be excellent tools for trail building.  My favorite ones are pictured below.  You can see everything they have to offer on their website.  They even have a section of tools for trail building.

a sweet rake for trail building or fire fighting

rogue hoe 8" hoe sharp on three sidesrogue hoe pick and hoe combingation tool

Check out their link here: Rogue Hoe’s Trail Building Tools

These tools look amazing, and I am going to see if I can have one shipped up to where I live in Canada.  It would be nice to give them a test.  I have always found the Macleod to be one of the best tools for doing finishing work, but the rake teeth on most of them are easy to break, and the hoe end is never very sharp.  Rogue Hoe says their tools are all sharpened on three sides, and emphasize that they DO hold and edge!  I will write a review of their tools in the summer time, if I can get one up here.


If any one here has had any experience with using tool from Rogue Hoe, please tell us about them in the comments below. 

If there are any other companies making kick ass tools for trail building, tell us about them.

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  1. Best tools made for the job. I’ve got 2 of these tools (70HRH, and 80RH) Bench cutting made quick and easy. Plus these tools can be sharpened back to new!

    • Sweet to hear from somebody who has used them. I am going to get one of the 70HR54’s once the snow melts. The standard Macleod is great, but it is not so good at cutting ground.

  2. The Rogue is amazing, end of story. I have the 70RH48 with axe handle for improved swing-ability. You can rake rocky zones, easily develop grade reversals, and move a ton of soil. They also hack through roots well and double as a tamp. Just awesome.

  3. The rogue hoe is an absolute beast! Even in the boney new England soil in my parts. I own 3 of these in all shapes and sizes, in fact my whole crew has two or three rogues. It is absolutely the best tool out there for grubbing, bench cutting, berms, thorn removal, and general shaping of trails. I actually even tamp jumps and landings with mine and it holds up. Rogue is a family owned business and Phyllis is great to work with. One word of warning, when working a rogue be aware they are surgical sharp. It’s a good idea to work with your front toe up until you are comfortable with how the tool responds to certain surfaces. Just my two cents.

    • Thanks for reminding me I still need to get one of these tools up here to my home trails! By the time they ship across the border to Canada, I’m looking at a hundred dollar tool. Pricey, but I still want one. You make it sound like its worth forking out the money for.

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