Photo: Cross Section of a Handlebar? – Bike Rack Failure.

bike rack broke and road drop bars were ground to razor sharp!

bike rack broke and road drop bars were ground to razor sharp!

Ever wondered what a cross-section of a road drop bar would look like? Well, wonder no more! This was an interesting case of highway bike rack failure. I’ve seen a few such incidences where bikes were bounced or dragged down roads at speed, but this was certainly unique.

Believe it or not, there was not a single mark or scratch on any other part of the bike, just the handlebar being ground to a razor sharp edge. The end of the drop and the bottom of the brake and shift levers are spears!

If I were this rider, I would feel really lucky because it could have been a much more expensive mishap for this mid priced carbon road bike. Only the bars and rear controls are going to cost any real money.

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  1. I agree the rider was a lucky boy/girl to not totally destroy the bike.
    Another scary thing is if the were to come off the rack completely then any cars behind are going to get a nasty surprise which could cause a serious accident.
    There should be a fail-safe on all bike racks to prevent this.

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