No Win For Gwin – DH Results From World Cup 2012 in Val d’Isere France

Brook McDonald wins his first World Cup Downhill, and Rachel Atherton continues to show dominance.

brook mcdonald winning his first world cup downhill race in Val d'isere France 2012It may not come as a surprise to many that Brook McDonald would eventually win a World Cup race, as he has been on fire this season.  All it took for the young athlete from New Zealand was to stay in control and on his bike. brook mcdonald wins val d'isere 2012 world cup mountain bike dhIt is a strange sight to see a podium without Aaron Gwin on it, showing us that the man actually is human, finishing in 5th place after having crashed a couple times the day before and having a cut stitched up in his hand.

Men’s Val d’Isere DHI results
1. Brook MacDonald, MS MONDRAKER TEAM, 2:19.478
2. Gee Atherton, GT FACTORY RACING, +0.495
3. Josh Bryceland, SANTA CRUZ SYNDICATE, +0.677
4. Greg Minnaar, SANTA CRUZ SYNDICATE, +0.867
5. Aaron Gwin, TREK WORLD RACING, +1.366
6. Michael Hannah, HUTCHINSON UNITED RIDE, +1.893
7. Marc Beaumont, GT FACTORY RACING, +2.110
8. Cameron Cole, LAPIERRE INTERNATIONAL, +2.296
10. Andrew Neethling, GIANT FACTORY OFF-ROAD TEAM, +2.63

women's top three in val d'isere france 2012 world cup mountain  biking dh winner: rachel atherton

The Ladies race was, once again, all Atherton, as Rachel out in a superb run, making her very difficult to beat in the overall standings.



Women’s Val d’Isère DHI results

1. Rachel Atherton, GT FACTORY RACING, 2:38.967
2. Emmeline Ragot, MS MONDRAKER TEAM, +1.487
3. Floriane Pugin, SCOTT11, +3.118
4. Myriam Nicole, COMMENCAL / RIDING ADDICTION, +4.249
5. Manon Carpenter, MADISON SARSUI19860919 SCOTT11, +8.181
7. Petra Bernhard, ALPINE COMMENCAL AUSTRIA, +11.118
8. Sabrina Jonnier, LABYRINTH SHIMANO RACING TEAM, +12.794
9. Mio Suemasa, +13.499
10. Morgane Charre, PASSION VELO.FR, +14.369

brook mcdonald wins world cup mountain bike dh in val d'isere france 2012
rachel atherton wins val d'isere world cup dh 2012 Women’s DH World Cup points leader, and winner in Val d’Isere, Rachel Atherton.
Brook McDonald at the finish line of his first World Cup DH Win