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One of the best resources for new and old trail builders alike is, “Trail Solutions, IMBA’s Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack,” by the International Mountain Bike Association.  It is a valuable resource and cannot be recommended enough if you are trying to build trails that will stand the test of time.

To supplement their book, IMBA has created a series of 9 videos with the United States Forest Service (USFS).

These videos share some helpful information, and give us a great overview of the topics that are covered in their Trail Solutions book.

I have to admit that the videos are a little cheesy, but most how-to videos like these are.  Please bear with them and try to learn.

We will be playing one each Monday, for the next nine weeks.  If you want to sit down and watch them all at once, you can simply look the play list up on Youtube.  This weeks video #1 is just an introduction to the material the series covers.  Come back each week and we will have a new one posted on BikeFAT.

IMBA – USFS – Building Mountain Bike Trails – 1 of 9 – VIDE







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