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knoxville tennesse outdoor arch made out of bicycles

Wonderful Ways to Waste Bikes!

knoxville tennesse outdoor arch made out of bicyclesGot a pile of used bikes building up in the backyard that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe some of these grand works of bicycle art will inspire the hidden artist lurking alongside your inner bike hoarder.

the "bike bike" in sydney australia a pennyfarthing made out of bicycles
Sydney, Australia

The Bike Bike, (a bike made out of bikes, get it?) was installed in Sydney, Australia in October 2010 The 12 meter high structure was designed by artist Alasdair Nicol in the shape of a giant Penny-farthing.

60 foot high bike obelisk in santa rosa california
Santa Rosa, California

This obelisk, cleverly referred too as “the cyclisk” stands over 60 feet high in the city of Santa Rosa, California. This stunning pillar of bikes is the work of artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, with the project’s $37,000 tab picked up by Nissan.

sculpture of bicycles in a traffic circle in brakel, belgium
Brakel, Belgium

One can find this splendid arrangement of bicycle waste in Brakel, Belgium along the route of the famous “Tour of Flanders” annual spring bike race.

bike archway at the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center in knoxville tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

Artist Kelly Brown is responsible for the creation of this colourful bicycle archway outside the Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hopefully every small child in Knoxville already has a bike as some of those still look useable. 🙂

chinese christmas tree made out of bicylces
Shenyang, China

China produces about 80% of the worlds artificial Christmas Trees. They probably account for about the same percentage of the worlds bicycle production too. For the 2011 holiday season they combined this knowledge and skill to put up a 12 meter high Christmas tree made out of 230 brand new bikes in a Shenyang shopping mall.

bike parking in copenhagen, denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Our final image is of a couple sculptors actually working on the worlds next great wonder of bicycle art that is set to… Oh, sorry, wait…My bad. This is just a couple of people trying to find there damn bikes at a train station in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’ve never been to Copenhagen before, you really should. It’s the worlds largest pile of used bikes. Funny enough, they haven’t wasted very many of them on public art works. I guess they’re too busy using them to get around.


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  1. Haha trying to find your bike in thousand and thousands of bikes would be a long process if you can’t remember exactly where you left it.
    The bike arch was the best one for me, the others are good but that one looked good and not too busy.

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