Amazing (And Cute!) Videos of Really Young Kids Riding Bikes

kids doing tricks on run bikes (otherwise known as balance bikes, strider bikes, or push bikes)

You’ll love these three kids biking videos, especially if you’re a parent!

kids doing tricks on run bikes (otherwise known as balance bikes, strider bikes, or push bikes)A new generation of cyclists are being raised that are learning to ride bikes at a younger age than any of us adults and our parents ever dreamed possible. Who would’ve believed that so many children around the world would be riding, (and not just riding, I mean ripping!) on two wheels, without training wheels, before the age of four?

This young rider revolution is being brought about by an increasing popularity of special bikes for really young kids that go by many names. Strider bikes, balance bikes, run bikes, push bikes, or whatever other name you give them are developing kids skills faster than tricycles and training wheels ever could. Not only that, but once they are ready to move up to a bike with cranks and pedals, parents can find some seriously legit bikes out there for kids that are just as capable as today’s adults bikes.

These first two videos showcase how fast kids learn on run bikes and how much fun they can have. It looks like it really pays to start them early!

Run Bike Tricks!


Run Bike Singletrack Adventure

This final video below might give us a good idea of what we can expect from the future generation of kids coming up on bikes today. I don’t know if he started on a balance bike or not, but I would probably put money on it!  It’s hard to believe that he’s only 4 years old and already riding this stuff. I’m pretty sure I was still on training wheels at this age. Kids are awesome!

“Dad! I did it!” – 4 Year old Boy Having The Ride of His Life on a Mountain Bike Park Downhill

As a cyclist and a father of a two month old baby girl, watching this stuff get’s me really excited for the fun my daughter and I are going to have in the future. I really hope she likes riding bikes as much as her mommy and daddy do!

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