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the view out over Trail, BC

BikeFAT.com was created in January 2012 to enhance my already huge passion for mountain biking. I grew up in the south-east corner of British Columbia, Canada in the heart of an amazing mountain scene. I have ridden mountain bikes since childhood, and have been employed as a bike mechanic in our local bike shop from 2006-present. For the past few years I have used most of my spare time, (when not working, riding, or raising a family,) trail building.

Before beginning work on these pages, I had a desire to try my hand at creating a website of my own, and naturally the idea for a mountain biking blog took hold, since the easiest content for me to come up with revolves around my bike filled life! So, in essence, BikeFAT.com is the result of an experiment born from my love of all things mountain bike and my curiosity about the inner workings of the Web.

By the way, I am always open to publishing content from guests who enjoy writing mountain bike related content and would like to share it with the world through this website. There is a contact form in the page footer if you need to get a hold of me.

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