10 Best Mountain Bike Blogs

10 best mountain bike blogs

BikeFAT’s 10 Best Blogs About Mountain Biking

10 best mountain bike blogs There are a lot of mountain bike blogs on the internet these days, and if you are a regular blog seeker, you will have probably encountered some of these blogs already. As a mountain biking blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for new blogs about mountain bikes, ten of which I have picked out for you here. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are no doubt hundreds or even thousands of mountain bikers out there writing their own blogs. These are my favourites, at this moment, and I will likely need to update this list once a year or so, as I discover others I like. So here we go, BikeFAT’s list of 10 blogs about mountain biking, in no particular order:

bike198 logo

1. Bike198

Bike198.com is a popular blog created by Robb Sutton, and is perhaps the foremost inspiration for BikeFat.com. You see, not only has Robb built a fantastic blog, full of great product reviews, stories, photos and videos, along with an active forum for riders to meet and discuss, he is also very active teaching others how to create their own successful blogs. The saying,”Those who can, do, while those who can’t, teach!” is not true in Robb’s case, as he can so obviously do both and it’s for this reason that Bike198 goes first in this list of best mountain bike blogs.

mtb4her.com logo

2. MTB 4 Her

MTB4Her.com was created after one female mountain biker grew tired of digging through the internet to find content about women’s mountain biking. Written by a group of ladies who share our passion for the sport of mountain biking, MTB4Her gives a refreshing view on the fastest growing, yet most overlooked segment of mountain biking. Even though I am not a member of the female gender, I still enjoy checking out the articles and videos on this site. After all, what could a guy enjoy seeing more than girls killing it on their mountain bikes?

fatcyclist.com logo3. Fat Cyclist

If you’ve spent any time searching the web for blogs about cycling, than I am sure you’ve seen one blog consistently surfacing. FatCylist.com is one of the most read cycling blogs on the internet. If you haven’t read it, you should. Eldon, AKA “Fatty”, began his blog to share with us his quest to lose weight riding bikes. Besides keeping us up with his body weight, and the rides and races he participates in, he also takes the time to share with us his various musings on biking and life. Not only that, but he puts a tremendous effort into raising money for cancer research through Fat Cyclist, which gives one more reason to join in and support what Eldon is doing on this site. Fat Cyclist is humorous, wise, fun and entertaining and deserves a place on the list of best blogs period, not just blogs about cycling. Nice work Eldon!

singletracks.com logo

4. Singletracks

Singletracks.com is a blog about mountain biking. and with it comes most of the common content types including photos, videos, news, reviews and other articles about mountain biking, but what sets this website apart from the others is the extensive cataloging, mapping and listing of singletrack trails in the United States, Canada and all around the world. It’s the best place to submit a review of your favourite trail, see maps, get directions, or plan your next mountain bike vacation.

drunk cyclist under the influence podcast image

5. Drunk Cyclist

Looking for a bike blog with and edge? I think this website might just fit the bill. At DrunkCyclist.com, obnoxious, obscene, cynical and politically incorrect cyclists amuse and entertain by reminding us of the unruliness that made mountain biking great.  Not for the faint of heart though, as even the commenters on this site are a little rough around the edges. Woe to you if you can’t stand seeing f-bombs and middle fingers on your computer screen!

fat-bike.com logo image

6. Fat-Bike

Not to be confused with yours truly, FAT-BIKE.com is the online place to visit to get your fill of fat bikes. Many of you readers probably aren’t exposed to this type of bike and style of riding, but where I live in the Canadian Rockies, fat bikes are common sight, especially during that half a year we call ‘Winter’. Brrrr! Skiing can distract most of us enough to get through this period with our sanity, (or insanity!) in check, but for some of the real mountain bike die-hards around here, only fat bikes can keep them moving. If you are at all curious about what I am talking about, then don’t keep reading this, click the link and check out FAT-BIKE.com!

bike29.com logo

7. Bike29

29’ers have been gaining in popularity these past few years, with sales matching, and in some regions surpassing those of the once “traditional” 26 inch wheel. The reason? 29’ers are faster, better, um…faster…oh! and did I mention better? I don’t actually ride a 29’er, though I have tried several of them. They have their good and bad sides just like anything else, but I must be careful who I say this too. You see, there is a growing brigade of evangelical 29er converts out there who swear they are the best things ever, and will soon make those other “puny wheels” obsolete. If you are one of these, then this website is for you. All 29er, all the time!

straightshotblog.com logo

8. Straight Shot Blog

Have you ever looked at a bike and wanted to know the story behind its frame design? Or were watching your favourite DVD of bike porn and found yourself wondering how they ever got that shot? The Straight Shot Blog covers all aspects of mountain biking, including racing and events, but at it’s heart is the dedication to bringing you closer to the mountain bike industry’s leading artistic minds. We’re talking about the ones who build the bikes you ride, the parts that are on them, the trails you ride them on, and the ones who capture it all, in picture and in film.

sterling lorence phto blog photo

9. Sterling Lorence

As much as I hate to repeat this old cliche, I really can’t help it… A picture paints a thousand words! And nowhere is that statement more true than in the work of Sterling Lorence. If you have never heard of Sterling Lorence, than I take it that you have not read very many mountain bike magazines, or watched many mountain bike movies. His work has appeared on the covers and in the pages of more mountain bike magazines than any other photographer known. And for good reason. His photos make the sport of mountain biking come alive for the reader and do more to inspire and stoke the flame of longing to ride than the thousands of words printed between the covers of our favourite publications. For your dose of daily stoke, I recommend visiting Sterling Lorence’s Photo Blog. Few words. Many thoughts.

leelikesbikes.com image

10. Lee Likes Bikes

Are you looking to improve your game? Or maybe you want to learn how to build trails good enough for the pros? Then check out LeeLikesBikes.com, the official website of Lee McCormack. Who, you ask, is Lee McCormack? Lee is a professional mountain bike trainer, trail and pump track designer, and writer. He has created some of his own unique instruction programs that help improve any rider’s enjoyment of the sport and his website is a literal fountain of riding knowledge. No product reviews or industry hype, just content that can make you a better mountain bike rider. Visitors can also purchase some of Lee’s books, including the one he wrote with the help of Brian Lopes entitled: Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. A must read for any level of rider.

These are 10 blogs about mountain biking that I think you should check out. The term “best” is to be taken as meaning my own personal favourites at this time. If your blog isn’t listed here, please don’t take it personally! I probably don’t even know about it, so please leave a link for it in the comments. I am always excited to discover new mountain bike content online.

You’ll notice that I’ve left out some of the most popular bike websites, and for good reason. I’m sure all the mountain bikers out there who are reading this already know about the big sites such as Pink Bike, Vital MTB, Sick Lines, NSMB, Bike Radar, MTBR, Bike Rumor and the like. If you haven’t heard of some of those, then you should check them out too.

And finally, below is a sort of honourable mention of other blogs I have looked at and would like to support in this post:

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    • Thanks Rivers. SpaceCowgirl – Just checked it out. You were right, pictures are indeed awesome! I hope readers will keep the blog suggestions coming. Love seeing new ones.

  1. Great list Matt, thanks for posting – I’m always trying to find decent biking articles, but it’s hard to source anything outside of the big boys, like Bike Radar and Singletrack. I like reading stuff from individuals like yourself and some of the other guys on the list there.

    Would welcome your feedback on my own site too – I’ve been maintaining Mountain Bikes Apart for a good few years now, just slowing writing articles over the months. It’s a good way to keep up with new biking trends I find – I had to learn all about the new wheels sizes last year, for example, to write the article. Great fun! You can find my site over at http://www.mountainbikesapart.com if you’re interested.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Great List… I agree with you on this list and I have never seen Straight-shot, going to check it out now but I last blogged about my experience of riding my sports bike in the snow back in late February of 2012. It was a very poor winter for snow lovers here in Himalayas and that day at Himalayas was one of the only times I got to ride my sports bike on snowy area single-track trails. I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful trip with my Friends across the Himalayas during September, the bike was simply brilliant. Thanks for Posting.

  3. Great list. I just started my own blog to keep track of my riding and to help with getting sponsors for riding. I mainly ride downhill but used to do a lot of cross country racing.

  4. Nice list man, it’s great to see MTB 4 Her and Straightshot get a mention here. Both down to earth blogs of people who really like to ride. Definitely agree with rockiesbikegirl, housemartin is a great read, along with hannahbarnes.co.uk.

  5. Hey, thanks for posting the list. I have already known the Bike 198, but some sites are new to me and pretty cool to read actually.

    I love cycling and want more people to get involved in it by providing latest news and information to people over the globe!

    Just my 2 cents

  6. Hi!
    Really interesting blogs. You should update it! Sad that Sterling Lorence doesn´t blog anymore, remember him having great content! Also, I am looking for sites, which are ONLY for beginner riders with information how to choose a bike, right size and so on because for me it is like Chinese to pick a good bike. So far, I found the best site http://www.bicycle-guider.com but not brilliant and I managed to pick MTB from there. Now looking for road bike 🙂 So it would be nice if you introduce blogs for beginners without fancy ads etc.

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  8. This blog are awesome. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us …. I like the way you describe the post with us. Sounds like an awesome setup – thanks for the write up!

  9. These are quite a few blogs I have to check out, but I do appreciate the recommendation. Makes searching so much easier. I’m a newbie to the sport and I’m definitely gearing up with all the necessary information I need. Which is your favorite blog though?

  10. I have a 69er sports disk Specialized 2013. It is good at handling almost tall terrans do to its sleek body and strong build. The shocks are also very good.
    Happy with my bike.

  11. I have been following Fat cyclist from a very long time and I love reading his blog whenever I get time. I will check the other websites as well to see if they also write that well.

  12. Hi BikeFAT, thanks for making this nice resource of best mountain bike blogs. I think visitors will be delighted to find all of these bike blogs in one place. I like the idea of this post and looking forward to make a resource page on my blog as well.

  13. Hey BikeFAT, thanks for this list of blogs! I’m sure it will help out a lot of people looking for new websites. I am making a list of mountain biking websites on my website as well. If you would, come check it out – http://mtbtoday.com . Maybe we could even collaborate on something!


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  17. Even though your list is a bit short, I love the fact that you took your time to analyze the websites and give enough info about them. Hope you’ll keep updating the list though!

  18. This is a very helpful article. All mountain bike blog lists are in one place though it is an old article it’s very useful. In 2017 many sites are active and they are useful like previous sadly some sites are inactive. This article needs to update.

  19. Hey BikeFAT

    Great Article! Thanks so much for the mention! We feel truly honoured to be included! I’m always trying to find decent biking articles, but it’s hard to source anything outside of the big boys, like Bike Radar and Singletrack.

    Best Of Luck

  20. Hey buddy, being grateful as you posted such a useful and informative post. I would like to save it. Thanks a lot for sharing your great thoughts. Keep posting, looking forward for more from you

  21. aaah, you are just the best! this list of the best biking blogs is just the best thing i have stumbled on today.. I am starting bike riding soon and these blogs will give me the tips and the inspiration i need

  22. MTB youtubers are killing it these days, guys like Seth’s Bike Hacks and Alex The Singletrack Sampler and BKXC. Even pros like Jeff Lenosky.. it’s almost as if blogs are going the way of youtube. awesome list though!

  23. Thanks for the nice post. I’m happy to see 5 of my favorite mountain bike blog in the top of your 10 best mountain bike blog. This is the best list. Keep up the awesome works. Inspiring from these of my favorite mountain bike blog. I have tried to create one, Please check if it becomes lovely for you…

  24. A great list of blogs and Robb Sutton is an impressive character, most successful blog owners guard their secrets with there life but not Robb he is actively helping people to win in his niche. Very rare to see that.

  25. Hello Robb,

    Amazing article again by your team. However i believe Bike29 deserves a better spot as they have been coming up with more services and upgraded tools to keep up with ever growing customer demands. Otherwise a great deal of information. Keep up the good work.

  26. Loved my bike even though I ordered on Mothers day and received it in late July. (back ordered!!!). The box came in terrible shape and we were missing a few parts. I’m talking to the manufacturer about this.

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