Weekend Warrior Videos – Week 1

Lunch Line and King Kong video Utah inches form death mountain bike freeride downhillEvery Saturday morning, beginning with this one,  BikeFAT.com will deliver an action packed video to stoke and inspire you for your weekend.  The first video we found for this weeks edition of Weekend Warrior is filmed somewhere in the rugged state of Utah with a POV camera in October 2007.

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Cameron Zink – Huge Backflip Cliff Huck!

This is taken from a watch commercial, and located in Virgin Utah.  Kyle Strait and Cam Zink shred some gnar!  Keep your eyes open till the end, as Cameron Zink launches into the biggest backflip you have ever seen on a mountain bike. You’ll be stunned.  It would be a big flip on skis landing into powder, but this is dirt and rock. Yikes!  This video also reminds us that Kyle’s still got it! These are the Pros at work…