A Bit About The KS Supernatural i-950 Dropper Seatpost

A Year Long Test of Kind Shock’s Remote Height Adjustable Seatpost

from success to failure and back again

review kindshock ks supernatural i950 dropper seatpostDropper seat posts, made famous by the notorious Crank Brothers Joplin (a design based on the original Maverick Speedball) have been available for quite a few years now.  As I do with any new “fad”, I sat on the side-lines for sometime, first rejecting them as a stupid gimmick, I watched amazed as riders all around me, many of them friends, continued along in this love-hate cycle of buying posts, having them break, getting them replaced, only to have them break again, and so on…and so on…and so on… Continue reading

The Coming of Age of The Dropper Seatpost

Dropper seat posts. We love to hate them and hate to love them!

Crank Bothers' Joplin was the first dropper post to make it into the mainstream public eye

Crank Brother’s Joplin

If you ever put one of these things on your bike, be prepared, because I can almost guaranty that you will be come addicted to it.  You will wonder how it was that you ever rode without one, and will tell all your friends that don’t have one that they need to get one.  I can also almost guaranty that it will eventually fail.  I work in a bike shop and have to deal with these things everyday, and have watched, I estimate, 90% of them break.  Yet people love them.  I myself have owned 4 of them, only one hasn’t needed replacement (yet!) It was the first product I ever bought (Crank Bros. Joplin), in full confidence that it would break!

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