Pollard’s Complete Trail Building Guide

///—————-Pollard’s Complete Trail Building Guide v1——————///

Pollard's Complete Trail Building Guide examples of berms image oneThis is my complete trail building guide to everything trail building. I made this because although there are some very good guides on the web there aren’t many that cover all the areas in trail building, comprehensively, in one guide. This is only version 1, I will make a version 2 after receiving feedback on this one, because there are many things I may have overlooked, or still do not know. Continue reading

Build Your own Bike Trail!

Mountain biking. What would it look like with out singletrack trails? Would you still be a mountain biker? I’m pretty sure that I would not be! Luckily, all around the valley I call home, we are blessed by hundreds of Kilometers of sweet singletrack bike trail. What makes my particular home amazing, is that for the last twenty years new trails have been, and are being, built by the mountain bikers and bike community itself.
We are not mountain biking on hiking trails. We are not mountain biking on horse trails. We are mountain biking on mountain bike trails, which brings me to the first topic of how to build your own mountain bike trail. Ride mountain bike trails first. Continue reading