Blogging About Mountain Biking – BikeFAT’s 6th Week of Life – Update. logo on a post celebrating creating your own mountain bike has existed for a month and a half.  Hurray!

When I began this website, It was really just an experiment.  I was more curious at the time about how websites worked behind the scenes.  I love to learn, and put myself to work at Google doing research on things like “how to build your own website.”  It looked possible for me to do on my own, so I dipped my toes in the water, and went shopping for a domain name.  The only thing I know enough, or love enough, to write about on a regular basis is mountain biking, so I spent several hours over two or three days searching for available names that would suit a mountain bike blog.

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the view out over Trail, BCToday, is two weeks old, and already a lot has been learned.  I have been curious for a while about how websites work behind the scenes, and after doing a little homework, I decided that It might be possible for me to set one up of my own.  That discovery was the beginning of

I have had a lifetime obsession with the sport of mountain biking, and in Continue reading