Photo: Cross Section of a Handlebar? – Bike Rack Failure.


bike rack broke and road drop bars were ground to razor sharp!

Ever wondered what a cross-section of a road drop bar would look like? Well, wonder no more! This was an interesting case of highway bike rack failure. I’ve seen a few such incidences where bikes were bounced or dragged down roads at speed, but this was certainly unique.

Believe it or not, there was not a single mark or scratch on any other part of the bike, just the handlebar being ground to a razor sharp edge. The end of the drop and the bottom of the brake and shift levers are spears!

If I were this rider, I would feel really lucky because it could have been a much more expensive mishap for this mid priced carbon road bike. Only the bars and rear controls are going to cost any real money.

Congratulations Stevie! World Cup Champion Dreams Come True – Video

Canadian Champion Steve Smith Takes Overall World Cup DH Title

steve smith 2013 uci mtb dh world championCanadian mountain biking history was made September 22nd, as National Champ Stevie Smith, from Cassidy, British Columbia took the 2013 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup overall title.

Congratulations Stevie! Great racing! Continue reading

Riding with the Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer

Why I bought the Garmin Edge 200

where my garmin edge 200 bike computer mounts on my mountain bike's handlebarsA year ago, I’d have laughed at the thought of owning a bike computer. It seemed kinda nerdy, and I’m not really a gadget-y kinda guy. I mean, I don’t even have a cell phone yet! The old me didn’t see any point logging miles or looking at my average speed or the distance I was riding. All I cared about was that I rode as much as possible. Continue reading

The Short Story of Trail Gentrification

Endangering The Soul of Mountain Biking

making mountain bike trails to easyA strange phenomenon is sweeping our local trail networks. Roots are disappearing. Rocks are migrating. The cuts in the side hill are getting wider. At it’s current rate of growth, every corner will be bermed by 2015, and terms like “off-camber,” or “bunny-hop,” will quietly make an exit from most mountain bikers’ vocabulary. Continue reading

Review: Joytrax SE2 Child Carrier (BX Trailers)

A necessity for the cycling family

joytrax se2 (bx trailers) child carrier pulled behind mountain bike

It’s funny the things you begin to look forward to once you become a parent. Before learning that I was going to become a dad, I never would’ve thought that I’d so anticipate being one of those parents seen pulling a child carrier behind their bikes. Now, however, what used to look like a chore before becoming a dad, is now a great excuse to get some new bike related swag! As cycling parents, behind-the-bike child carriers make perfect sense for transporting kids around, so when our baby girl was born, my wife and I couldn’t wait to go shopping for a child trailer to tow behind our bikes. After some looking around, we settled on the Joytrax SE2.  Continue reading

I’d Rather Be Biking

i'd rather be bikingI feel guilty, and maybe even a little bit ashamed. I shouldn’t feel like I hate winter right now, but I do, and It doesn’t help that all day long at work I’m listening to people say stuff like this:
“I sure hope it snows.”
“We need some snow right about now”
I just play along and say, “Yes you’re right, a powder day sure would be nice right about now.” The words come out of my mouth automatically, after all, I do work in a ski shop, don’t I? Continue reading

Video: Gerard Trueba Modified Trials Biking

Impressive trials riding from an 11 year old kid!

gerard trueba 20" modified trials biking kidI was just watched the full length premier a movie named “All or Nothing” on Pinkbike today. If you haven’t done so already, I’d say it’s worth checking out. It’s one of the funner bike films I’ve watched this year, containing a variety of riders, bikes and riding styles. The film also seems to focus on up and coming younger riders, including one that was particularly impressive. Continue reading

10 Best Mountain Bike Blogs

BikeFAT’s 10 Best Blogs About Mountain Biking

10 best mountain bike blogs There are a lot of mountain bike blogs on the internet these days, and if you are a regular blog seeker, you will have probably encountered some of these blogs already. As a mountain biking blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for new blogs about mountain bikes, ten of which I have picked out for you here. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are no doubt hundreds or even thousands of mountain bikers out there writing their own blogs. These are my favourites, at this moment, and I will likely need to update this list once a year or so, as I discover others I like. So here we go, BikeFAT’s list of 10 blogs about mountain biking, in no particular order: Continue reading