Review Update: Joytrax SE2 Trailer

Joytrax SE2 child bike trailerThis is a short update to the review I wrote last spring on the Joytrax SE2 Child Carrier my family has been using to pull around our little girl. If you haven’t yet read it you can visit that post here.

Our baby girl was our first child, and the Joytrax SE2 was our first child bike trailer. We have been using the trailer now for 12 months and I just thought it could be helpful to share with the readers a little info about how the Joytrax has stood up to long term use. Continue reading

Great Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Mountain Biker

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for that perfect mountain biking someone?

the trail boss by trail insightWhen searching for a gift to give to that special mountain biker in your life, where do you start? They probably already have all the obvious things when it comes to gear, tools clothing and bike parts so the art lies in finding that one item they didn’t know they needed until they had it. If it seems to you that they already have the basics covered, yet really want to surprise them with a mountain bike related gift, then maybe this short list of items will provide some ideas. Here are 5 things that might be able to excite the mountain biker that already seems to have it all. Continue reading

Rand Momentum Nano Cleaner and Lube

A clean chain lube that actually works?

rand momentum nano cleaner and lubricant for cyclingThe prevailing conflict of drive train maintenance has always been between keeping things lubricated and keeping things clean.

You see, the best lubricants have traditionally made for the messiest chains, and the products that promise to keep your components the cleanest tend to be the worst at actually lubricating them. Or at least that has been my experience so far. Continue reading

10 Dirty Mountain Bike Trails in British Columbia

BC’s Politically Incorrect Trail Names

camel toe mountain bike trail blue river bc

Camel Toe, Blue River, British Columbia

British Columbia is home to thousands of trails built by mountain bikers – for mountain bikers. And almost every one of those trails was given a name by its builder. What’s in a name? Well, I really don’t know, but I would say that it’s an important part of the trail somehow, adding something subtle to your experience of it. Trail names also tell you something about the trail builders that name them, which sometimes gets me to wondering what a deviant bunch mountain bikers are as a species. Continue reading

Photo: It’s Back!


Mountain biking on snow covered singletrack.

One week ago I rode my favourite singletrack loop on a bed of sunlit golden larch needles. This week, I rode it on Old Man Winter’s snotsicled beard!

It’s a little sad to see the beginning of the end of the riding season up here, but I must admit some of my funnest rides of the year happen during these first snowfalls. And while the winter months may force my bike to rest a little, it won’t lull it all the way to sleep. There is, after all, plenty of riding to be had even in these long, deep white winters so long as you know where to find it! wishing you all a great “off-season:-)

The Cricket – A Cure for “Bike Separation Anxiety”

A Silent Alarm For Your Bike

the cricket bike anti theft device mounted under saddleBike Separation Anxiety (BSA) is that feeling every cyclist has when they are forced, for whatever reason, to be out of sight of their precious bike. For example, those times when we’ve left our lock at home, but need to run into a store, or we’ve stopped to pick up a friend for a ride and just left our bike sitting in his backyard while he gets ready. What if there was a way to ease some of this anxiety? A way to know for sure that our bike is right where we left it, without having to get up to look at it every three seconds? Continue reading

5 Best Spoke Length Calculators

spokelengthformula2Finding the best Spoke Length Calculator for Wheel Building

The most important step when building a bicycle wheel is determining the correct spoke length to use.

Whether you’re a professional bike mechanic or just an adventurous tinkerer looking to build your own bike wheels, finding out how to measure a hub and rim, and learning to calculate spoke length is crucial to building a wheel that is strong and reliable.

If you get this part right, the rest of a wheel build is easy. Get it wrong, and all you’ll have is a real mess! Continue reading